Friday, September 30, 2011

REVIEW: Strike Gold With Bath And Body Works!

For all those looking for an at home glow, Strike Gold by Bath And Body Works is UH-mazing. This product is very impressive. It is perfect even for day of/last minute preparations for a night out.

The one and only self tanner you need!
As the instructions state, Exfoliate area first, then apply and finally wash hands. There is a shimmer to the lotion so you can see just where it is applied. Your tan will come thru in just 4 hours! You can always reapply, but I personally just use one application and I am pretty much fair skin. The bottle says it is intended for body, but I also have great results when used on my face. Pick this up, its cheap and works like a charm!

How much is too much??

Lifetime Series:
Dance Moms

[ Image via RealityRanker ]

    How much is too much!? That is the question. I will be one to admit that I have been wrapped around this train wreck of a show that is on Lifetime called Dance Moms. The woman pictured above is where the animosity begins. She is Abby Lee Miller and she owns her own dance studio in Pennsylvania.
   When I came across this show on OnDemand I did not know what to expect, but I became a follower within minutes. I think it is the uncontrollable rude Abby Lee herself who treats the dancers and the mothers like dirt on the bottom of your shoe. She constantly calls the shots with the parents and pins them up against their mothers. The mothers sit there lifeless in front of Abby Lee's face but have much to say when they are looking down on their daughters rehearsals. My question is how much is too much with the competition, the lack of respect (shown and given), and the pressure these children are under daily through parents and Abby Lee herself.

    Here is the 411 on the show:

[ Image via Gossip ]

Abby Lee Miller
She is the queen bee of the series. You shall never be shocked from a ruthless comment that will come out of her mouth towards the mothers and their daughters. Professional??? I think NOT! Although she may be a little loony, she is successful and she is a hell of person to watch on reality television.

[ Image via NYPost ]

[ Mother of Maddie and Mackenzie ]
This woman is divorced and is very honest that he boyfriend now flips the bill for the expensive dance bills between her two daughters. She never really says much because her daughter Maddie is an UNREAL dancer and will a very successful life in dance. Her other daughter is a straight up doll, however, completely overshadowed by Maddie's success. Pretty sad!

[ Image via HollywoodReporter ]

[ Mother of Brooke and Paige ]
She was a dancer for Abby Lee herself when she was younger. She gets a little caught up with Christie her Dance Mom BFF. Her life is run by Abby Lee. Her daughter Brooke does not want to dance anymore, but she herself quit at Brooke's very age... living  through your daughter's life much?

[ image via TvGuide ]

[ Mother of Chloe ]
In every reality television series you have to have one character besides the lead that makes the show successful and that would be her. Her constant battle with the other dancer Maddie, yes I said the little girl not the mother, is disgraceful as a mother. Good for the show purposes but not reality when the cameras are off. She tries so hard to stand up to Abby but it never ever works out. Before you know she is chewed up and spit out by her in seconds. It is in her daughters comments and actions that you see she truly is a decent mother because she is so great.

[ Image via UnderTheButton ]

[ Mother of Nia ]
Holly is actually one of the moms that has a life other than living through their children. She holds a doctorate and is a principal. She may have that on paper but she constantly lets Abby run her life and her child's in the dance studio. She tries to stand up to Abby but she breaks her down and then takes it out on her child. So sad.

[ Image via Canton ]

[ Mother to Vivi-Anne ]
Last but certainly not least, we have this psycho. Yes, I said it. Between her ruthless and just hateful comments that stem from jealousy and her defiant actions she is a psycho. She owns her own dance studio but her daughter goes to Abby Lee's. Weird??? I think so. you almost have to feel like this is scripted because for one person to be so out of control seems unreal. her daughter is sweet and tells her mom that she does not want to dance yet is still pushed. Take the hint woman!

This is the run down of this show. The kids eat, sleep, and drink dance. How much competition and ruthless behavior, lack of respect, and demeaning of one another is too much? Where will the line be drawn, if ever? Have you see it!?!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Do This Skin Care Routine On Days That End In Y

I am going to talk about a great skin care routine that is very successful! I have my esthetician license in Illinois so you can trust skin care advice! Ok here goes!

1. Cleanse. Cleanse your face in circular motions for around three minutes.. If you have oily skin, a water based cleanser is best. If you have dry skin, a cream based cleanser is best for you.

2. Tone. Toner can be purchased almost anywhere and is very inexpensive. This step is to ensue that the skins PH is balanced and that no cleanser is left behind.

3. Exfoliate. Do this 2-3x a week. You can purchase a chemical based or mechanical one. Chemical usually has salicylic acid in it and is a gel. A mechanical based one is a scrub. This sloughs off dead skin to give your skin a fresher look/feel!

4. Moisturize. If you have oily skin, a gel based one is best and will not clog pores. If you are on the dry side, then look out for a cream based moisturizer.

5. Sunscreen. Even if it is not summer, the sun is still damaging! Take care of yourself and apply sunscreen every morning and throughout the day. You'll thank me yourself down the line!

You're just a couple of steps away from having glowing skin! If you have any questions regarding your own skin, leave them in the comment box and i will advise you!



   Personally, Fall is my favorite season of the year!! For those who do not know, we are bloggers from Chicago, Illinois and it is currently Fall here. If it is not Fall where you live, keep reading these fashion ideas are for everyday attire in seventy degree or below weather.

[Image via ModesRubyFashion ]

   For everyday attire I like something quick and easy, and of course affordable. First, I will start with the Hunter Rain Boots. Our weather forecast in Chicago has been nothing but rainy for this whole week. This is a wonderful investment. I know they are slightly expensive ($120) but they are a wonderful investment nonetheless. You can keep these "rain" boots and wear them as "winter" boots in the upcoming months. They are very playful with the different colors and different designs of socks you can wear with them.

[ Image via DollFaceRebel ]

[ Image via RealWomenWearHeels ]

     To pair with your Hunter Boots, you can either wear Skinny Jeans like Beyonce or Leggings like the Kardashians. The prices will range from inexpensive to expensive. They pair wonderfully with the Hunter Rain Boots to slide right on.

[Image via CollectionFillpaK ]

  To top off my Fall Fashion collection you can do a simple Poncho. Ponchos are loose fitting and can be found anywhere. Like the leggings/skinny jeans, it can be as inexpensive as you want it. With the Hunter Rain Boots, Leggings/Skinny Jeans, and Poncho your everyday attire is complete.

[ Image via Fashion ]

Ashley Tisdale in the complete look!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011



1. A condition or feeling of pleasurable ease, well-being, and contentment.
2. One that brings or provides comfort.
3. The capacity to give physical ease and well-being.

Comfort is my BFF! Since the cold weather is upon us, time to take out your old fall clothes  SHOP! Lucky for you I have done some research on the best feeling snuggle clothes! 

First there are these new Ugg slippers! Ok i know some of you might say Uggs are pricey, but here me out, they are durable & comfortable. The sheepskin inside ensures warmth to your toes and the rubber soles are tough enough for outdoors. They are $110 on sale here : Buy Slippers from Ugg

Women's Cozy Knit in Heather Grey

Next I would have to recommend this terry cloth robe from Victoria's Secret. This was love at first sight for me since it is hot pink! Cute looks aside, this robe is so comfortable. It's great to wear after a shower or to bed to keep you warm. The terry cloth feels so luxe even when I'm just lounging around the house!

Bling Terry Robe in Sparkly Pink
it is $54.50 online here: buy robe from Victoria's Secret

Next up we have the long awaited Starbucks seasonal drinks! For those who are pumpkin lovers, the Pumpkin Spice Latte is for you! It's a great way to start your day and will instantly put you in a great fall mood! If you are looking to cut calories you can ask them to give you the Skinny version, which is just as tasty!

Take your laptop to your local Starbucks to get some work done, or meet a friend/date to talk!

Another favorite is the White Hot Cocoa. It has a smooth, velvety taste. 

Pick up a couple of these items to treat yourself and indulge in some good ole comfort! Did I miss anything? What are some other ways to feel comfortable?


  This passed Sunday, I celebrated my first wedding anniversary. Traditionally, for the first wedding anniversary you give your spouse paper. I know PAPER!?!? It seems so unusual, however, there are many ideas that are great. My husband gave me a card. As simple as that sounds, it is going along with tradition. My in-laws gave us money, also paper. My parents gave us paper towels, paper napkins, paper plates, and toilet paper, which was much needed (pictured below).  I think that it was an amazing idea.

I gave my husband on a paper "100 Reasons Why I Love Him". Pictured below.

     This is one of the many ways that you can exchange a gift to your spouse following tradition. You can make a photo collage on paper, name a star after them (the certificate is paper), the ideas are unless. Another tradition that you do on your first anniversary is, eat your wedding cake that is a year old. Now, I did not properly wrap mine, so I suggest to future brides to do so. The cake is def. not that tasty, but HEY, IT'S TRADITION! Below is a picture of my wedding cake.

     Other than these tradition, my husband and I went out to dinner with my parents the day after and watched football the day. Not too exciting. Anyone else do anything different for their first?!?!

[ Image via Etsy ]